The thing about Man, Woman & Transgender

If a Man hates Transgenders, its probably because……..

> their male ego makes them feel that we had shamed the Male species by becoming woman

> they had bad encounters with Transgenders before

> he is worried about the son he has who is behaving very girly, becoming like us one day

> everyone he knows also hate transgenders

> he fears they will spread AIDS to him

If a Man says he likes/ love Transgenders, it’s probably because…….

> he hopes to bed them

> good excuses for him to sleep around without having to worry about having babies

> he feels they are easier to be ditched than genetic girls

> he really likes them and see them as any other girls

If a Woman hates Transgenders, it’s probably because………

> they are worried about them snatching their boyfriends

> they are worried about them seducing their husbands

> they are jealous some transgenders are much prettier, sexier and hotter than them

> every new transgendered woman has made the world one lesser man for them to seduce

If  a Woman likes/ love Transgenders, it’s probably because………..

> she is a lesbian

> she sees them as one of herself

> they can share about so many girl stuffs that men can’t

> they can understand men more through them

disclaimer : all the above are just presumptuous and does not imply to everyone

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