Gay & Lesbian Transgender

Came across a random thought posted by Char on her Blog after she read my post of “Transman Learns Cooking”.

She was saying of how confusing and incomprehensive it is for someone like Trent, a FtM, to be liking a man when she took the trouble to become a man herself, which might as well don’t transit at all.

Actually, it’s not very surprising for some people out there who are surprised to hear of such transgender. Even our own circle finds it hard to comprehend at times.

Take myself for example, long ago, I also used to thought that a MtF like myself, after becoming woman will definitely like another man, that’s why we became woman, woman + man = love.

But as time goes by, I realise that transgenderism is much complicated than I expected.

There were those male who became female, yet they have always only like girls. So we asked, why changed then? Remain as a man and love a woman, isn’t that suppose to be? But if you had understood, these trans feels themselves are woman in a man’s body. Yes they like girls, but they don’t like their male body. We can call them gay MtF or lesbian MtF since they are now, of the same sex liking each other.

Likewise we also have the female who became male, FtM, after transit will like a male instead of a girl. Again, a female who felt she is a male, but only like guys, becomes a gay FtM after transition.

Such gay and lesbian transgender are actually quite few compared to the majority transgender who will still like the opposite sex after transition.

In fact, we actually have one such lesbian transgender, who was married as a man, felt that she is a woman, transited and living as a woman, still married to wife.

Ya ! Sounds complicated………..

In fact, such gays and lesbian trans are quite a common issue in many US countries. These ang mohs, married as a man, became a woman through the years, some ended  up in divorce, but some still living happily with wife and kids, being accepted by them.

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  1. Char

    haha…. after so long , only saw this post today.

    I have been wondering about this issue since then.. and only begin to understand recently.

    esp after viewing a youtube video about 4 Trans (F=M)

    Before i was curious and puzzled, now i think i do understand. hehe… why didnt i get to read this before.. killed so many brain cells trying to understand!

  2. Harogenki

    Indeed, the wretched hates itself and prefer to alter it without god’s permission.

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