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    Evil maid kills Siberian Husky !!

    By Ms Chor Lor | Sunday, June 7, 2009 | 8:33 pm | 508 views

    This maid brings the employer’s Husky dog downstairs for its daily stroll. While returning home, it is not sure whether by accident or deliberate, the maid walked into the lift at the 1st storey, leaving the dog outside.

    As the lift door close and goes up, it traps the dog outside choked by the leash. It was being pulled up and the dog was choked to death.

    A neighbour of the owner saw the horrible death of the dog and quickly informed the neighbour. But it was too late by the time they rushed downstairs. It was already dead and blood was oozing out of its mouth.

    The maid was discovered sitting by the stairs on the 3rd floor. She did not bother to go back down and save the dog, neither did she try to inform the owners.

    It was also said she had complained to the employer’s mother earlier in the day, “how long is the dog going to live?”, which indirectly may mean when is the dog going to die. She probably could not stand the dog……..

    I remembered I posted some time ago, that when we read about cases of maid abusing children, did we ever wonder if maid abuse our pets as well? Looks like I was right after all, it is possible that maids will abuse our dogs as well, not only our children. So please keep watch of your maids, to be safe………

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