A Transgender Story Chapter 16

In our previous chapter……….

In our previous Chapter 14 where I left off on my army life……………

And so, during the initial period, I was also sort of shy and not use to the camp life. Where everyone else is like so ‘man’ except me being the only one who is like so ‘soft’.

But as times goes by, more or less got use to the life already. I also dared to roamed out to the canteen and ‘K what’ there. In my whole unit, everyone is 8 to 5, except everyday, two person have to be on duty and stay overnight in the camp. All of them took turns to do duty and of course I don’t need. Which in fact, my RSM had told them before and myself that I am not suppose even to stay overnight in camp. Because they do not want anything to happen to me or anyone and get everyone into trouble.

BUT I hiao and really go and stay overnight once. I can’t remember why, but it’s not something fishy or any motive intended. I think I just wanted to feel how it feels staying overnight. I went out with one of my campmate to tabao food back in, then we watch TV and chatted. Eventually, this campmate also became one of my close friend after we both left camp a few years later.

Actually, the next day after my RSM knew I stayed overnight, he was sort of displeased and told me that I am not suppose to do that. And he will not be responsible if anything happens to me.

In total, I actually slept in camp twice. The other time was because we have an early reservists in camp the next day and everyone have to be awake early. So most of us stayed back in camp. And something scary happened that night as well which I can still remember till this day.

We were sleeping in the main office on the ground floor. There is a door, the turning knob type, from our office that leads to the toilet behind, after which leads to our behind open field area.

So that night, it was almost like 2am plus. Everyone else was definitely asleep. And I can’t remember whether I could not sleep well or I just woke up in the middle of the night. I heard ‘someone’ ‘something’ trying to turn the knob from the outside wanting to come in. It was not locked, so whoever it was, he could have really open the door can came in. But the sound was like turning and turning the knob and the door just could not be open that kind.

I started to get scared and close my eyes and go to sleep. Of course the next day, I told the encounter to my campmates and asked did any of them wake up to go toilet at that time, and all said none of them did. Nobody was awake. They then also told me of many other ghostly encounters those on duty always encounter.

Like how they can see a long hair head on the top of our flag pole right in front of our office. How one of them was lying down on the sofa watching TV when a shadow flew past from the back door and flew through the wall right beside his sofa. How they would hear running footsteps on the second floor when they are both on duty downstairs, how someone will be calling your name when you are in the shower etc etc.

All these sent shivers down my spine and I never dare to sleep over in camp again since that day.

The most happy thing was, during of those reservists in camp, we went to the camp where they will have their reservist. And I saw one of my sista there! She was even more vain than me!

She was actually a storeman there. She also had short hair like me, but she was more hiao and daring than me. She would paste all her dress up photos on the wall, she would put on powder. She even has got so many ‘admirers’ in the camp and even those who came to reservists, always flocking around her like bees, trying to tackle her, get her number and ask her out. And of course, she is a beauty to be able to do that!

So everytime there is in camp, I would definitely see her. Then the both of us will always go walk around the whole camp, swaying out butts cat walking. And all the guys will like go woo wah all around. And the navy camp was just within our same camp. So we will always walk to the navy camp and droll at the hunks in shorts.

Soon, our names spread through the camp. The two ahquas.

Even more coincidence, one day, a new recruit came to my unit. She was also declare 3o2, but we did not know before hand. And of course being the only two in camp, we two would always hang out together. But after a few months, she actually got transferred to another camp which I can’t remember why.

But the three of us still get to meet together whenever there is in camp, cause we are all from the same headquarter unit.

So last time there was two, now there were three of us who will always go swaying all around camp. And when we see celebrities who come for in camp, we will like ‘bio’ them. Got one is very very muscle and hunk and tan one, who still can be seen on TV today.Think he rode a very chio bike, don’t know Harley or what. His bike always roar when he comes to camp.

In fact, I got to know one of them personally. Because he happens to stay near my place. He drives a very posh sports car that is two door which I don’t know what car. Then he will always give me a ride home after camp. In fact, this celebrity is also a gay. And which most of us in our community will know who he is.

Then sometimes I will went with him to fetch his another gay celebrity friend. I actually felt so high being able to know them in person in such close contact haha. During that time, they were still quite ‘HOT’ on TV one. Now they seem to have quit and no more news of them.

As the 2 years pass, life in army don’t seem that bad after all. And of course it’s because I’m in office and not jungle. I became to love army life, I told my officer I wanted to sign on, but alas, declared 302 are not allowed to sign on. Which my Major felt a waste too, as he also like me very much. And I have like become his right hander.

Oh ya, as some of you will know, there is quite a number of camp in the whole Jurong area. So almost each camp has got one 302! I had 3 more malay friends from another camp. And the 4 of us will always meet at Jurong Point after camp.

Then we will hang around in the arcade, or just sitting there smoking, gossiping or hiaoing. Or else the desperate one will go into the toilet for hours while the rest of us had to wait for her.

Life was so fun and slutty at that time. Sometimes, we even hang there until 9 plus before we all head for home.

When almost towards my ROD, I started to keep my hair long again. And I occasionally run down to Changi again with a wig to catch up with sistas. So many had changed. Some of the old faces I know were gone. There were new faces that I don’t know.

And of course I’m looking forward to the day to get back my IC, start to grow back my hair and be a woman again!

To be continued………………..

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  1. Ying Zi

    Wow,I hope the new faces are snobs to you. That would be very mean. But in any case,it’s really interesting to know about your life in NS :)))

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