A story about sex change operation

Today, I got a shock when Mi shouted at me, “Mi, email from government! Come and see!”. I was worried and wondering why got government email? Email to who? Government who?

CHEY! It was actually just an email from the British Embassy in Spore emailing to Sgbutterfly account asking us some queries about sex change and changing our legal documents in Spore.

From what people say is, UK allows you to change your gender on your IC, passport and even birth cert I think as long as you are proven by psychologists that your are a transgender, born into the wrong gender. Even if you have not done your sex change yet! That’s so great right!

But in Spore, to legally change your IC and passport, you have to go through your sex change first, then produce the document from the surgery doctor. But you can never change your Birth Cert at all in Spore. Haiz……..

Anyway it really is an honor to get an email from the Embassy! lolx

Now, so in my earlier post, I mentioned that a transman, a female who became a male, can still face a danger of rape. Why?

First, let’s look at the difference between the sex change operation of a transwoman, male to female and a transman, female to male.

For a male, you go for a breast implant and a sex change to get a V to become a complete and legally woman. You only have one option of the sex change to be legally woman.

But for a female, they actually have two options! Better than us ya! Of course, they will go for the operation to remove their breast to become flat chested. Now this won’t make them legally male yet. Their two options are, they can go for the operation of creating a manhood out of skin graft, whereby they will not have their V anymore.

OR they can just simply do the operation of removing the womb only! Yes! They can simply remove the womb, don’t do up a manhood, and they still can get a legal M ! Which means, yes, they still have their V. That’s how the first transman, Thomas Beatie got pregnant and gave birth to a baby!

In Spore, we have the operation for MtF sex change. But someone told me, they only have removal operations for the FtM but not the create manhood operation. That one only oversea then have.

But doing in Spore is extremely expensive! Even at the cheapest price, you should expect a 5 figure sum. For breast implants, probably slightly cheaper, but still very ex!

Which is why many Spore trans always go for their op in Thailand, which is probably cheaper by half than here.

For breast implant, we can already get it done there at just $2000! While a more ‘branded’ doctor can cost more up to about $8000. Even the FtM breast removal cost as cheap as $3000 up to $8000.

And their womb removal is between $3 to $7k. While their manhood operation is the most ex! From $15k to $80k ! But lucky they can have a cheaper option of removing the womb.

We MtF maybe slightly better as in we can get a sex change at just $3000 up to $20k plus.

Which means if we look at the cheapest option, a FtM will need about $18k while a MtF will just need $6000 ! Both operation of top and bottom.

Like how someone commented, “it is easier to remove something than to create something out of nothing.” which is why the price difference.

MtF who had complete their operation in Spore are much much more in numbers than FtM who had complete their operation. As they really need to save up much much more than us for their operation, which many of them may never afford or will take thousands of years to save up.

But if this FtM is really so passable, he may just remove the womb and get the legal M status. After all, what is beneath there, what is unseen and unknown is not known.

And don’t you realise, if you do a search on Youtube for sex change operation, you may get many bloody results showing that for MtF but you can never find one for FtM? That’s how rare and how low profile the FtM are! While MtF are really much more common and majority than FtM.

Disclaimer : all the info above info about FtM may not be 100% accurate, after all I have little knowledge of them than my own MtF group. I just asked around from a few FtM.

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