Will transman be caned ?

Came across this question just now.

As you know, a female who become a male, after going through the necessary operations, will then be officially legally male.

So as a legal male, say one day, they really commit a serious crime that requires caning. We were wondering will they get cane?

Though legally male, somehow they could still be physically weaker than a genetic male. Can they really withstand the caning?

Logically, now that they are male, they should be going through the caning right?

We could not come to a conclusion because such a thing had never happen before and neither heard of.

What do you think? Should they be caned just like a genetic male as well?

For a male who became female, we are legally female liao, so won’t get caning. So do we say it is to be fair that a female who became male should deserve the same caning as all other genetic males as well?

This is indeed a very open hole question…………………….which I think only the government can answer……………..

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  1. Ms Chor Lor Post author

    actually transman are already being excuse for NS base on they are physically born female.
    so i tink they are likely to be excuse for caning too with the same reason bah

  2. Foxtrot

    Other offences such as armed robbery also includes caning as a punishment, I think. Good question.

    I believe that trans-men must be caned for the sake of equality. Same as I believe trans-men should do NS too.

  3. Ms Chor Lor Post author

    oh so far only rape got caning ar?
    dint noe lolx

  4. Ying Zi

    Wow,that’s a very very good question. I wonder what will the government reply.

  5. kelvin

    No offence but most caning case in sg is mainly rape…so they will not really be cane cos the cases serious den rape is drugs and murder…this 2 cases normally is death sentence.

    If there is really caning occur, the judge might reduce the the no.of times they suppose to be cane or change the punishment to something equal to caning.

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