Talk about men and women equality?? lolx

Sgbutterfly had been discussing about the question of will FtM get caned lately in the forum.

Today one very good question came out. Someone asked, ” why was women spare from caning in the first place? Because they can’t endure it physically? Or that is under one of the women’s chapter?

On a side note, women in modern age had constantly been fighting for equal rights as a men. So why ain’t women fighting for equal rights to be caned as well just like men? lolx

Just because it is something bad, nobody want to fight for it. Only fight for something good? Logical!

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  1. mayflower

    yes it is about giving birth. not can’t endure it.

  2. Ms Chor Lor Post author

    that sounds logical

  3. Ying Zi

    They can’t endure it and they need to give birth,heard that caning might affect it.

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