Videos on female to male sex change operations

After the Indignation event that night, was discussing with one of the transman. I told him, you can always find a lot of male to female sex change operation all over the net, even on Youtube. But you can never find a single video on female to male sex change operation at all! Yes, not a single could be found at all on the net so far.

So I told him, the possible few reasons I could think of.

1. Maybe the operations of a female to male takes a longer time, thus it is not possible to record them down on video. (you can summarize and cut short the video mah!)

2. The FtM are very secretive and stealth, they never take any videos of their own operations. And they do not wish to show the world. (But if I am a FtM, I would find such videos useful as I can visually see how the operations are in real life, instead of just reading words).

3. The most absurd reason will be, a female change to male, you will be filming a real genetic vagina, which will be considered inappropriate content, disrespectful or even too porno. While filming a male to female operation, you are not really seeing a ‘real genetic’ vagina, but just a surgical created one, and to put it crudely, “it is ok to see a fake but not a real” ? (sorry for being crude here)

Seriously, I don’t know why. Does any FtM knows why?

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  1. Patrick

    I’m one of the FTM and it is very true that you can hardly find any videos or stories of how the rest of the FTMs are coping. It’s very frustrating and the worst are those who have gone through the entire operations, like removing their top and doing their bottom surgeries. After that, they disappeared from the community entirely. I used to be able to talk to a couple of FTMs about surgeries but after they got their bottom done, they do not even reply to your emails.I think FTMs are more selfish because they have become men, I guessed?

  2. Meiling

    I have found one video at Lynn’s Place. Already bookmarked it.

  3. Selwyn

    Sure there are videos and photodocumentaries.
    You just have to know where to look. 😛

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