World’s youngest transgender at just 6 ??!!

Source : Dailymail

Josie is 8 years old now. She was born a boy. At age 4, she told her parents she is a girl. At age 5, she refuses to cut her hair and kept them long. At age 6, she was diagnosed as a transgender.

Her sex had currently been change legally to female. She is taking drugs now to prevent male adolescence and will start on her female hormones at the age of 12. Eventually, she will go for her sex change operation when she is an adult.

However, the path hasn’t been really smooth for her as well. While the family was staying at a military base in Japan, people protests against them and stood outside their house everyday. When they moved back to America, no school wanted to accept Josie. So her parents had to do home study for her.

But Josie is so happy now saying, finally she don’t have to pretend to be a boy anymore. She will be featured in a documentary showing soon on American TV.

She is also appointed as the spokeswomen for transgender children. I applauded her parents for accepting her as what she is even at such a young age. If it had been in Spore, I’m sure the parents would have force her to grow up as a boy. But it seems transgender kids are quite a lot in the states.

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  1. Kennee

    Wow…that’s interesting…Heard about it before from my friend that day… Now only read… ^^

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