What if Movies are clues……….

Just watched the movie 2012 the other day. I like the movie cause it’s the kind of movie I like, about disasters, end of the world etc. My Mi find it boring. Actually I agree with him, the plot are always more or less the same for these kind of ‘end of the world’ movies.

Where the whole town, city or country will evacuate, many people die, only the main actors and actress manage to survive and escape in the end. And this time round, 2012 is so like the story of Noah’s Ark & the big flood. But overall, I would say it’s still a nice movie, with many touching moments.

Such as the part where the dog so bravely walk on the pipe to the ship to reunite with the owner. But it’s sad the woman dies in the end. The part when the guy had to persuade and convince all the other people that everyone deserves a chance to live and that they should let the people on the ship. Then the part where the author actor went to remove the jam so that the whole ship can start the engine. Everyone was sad when they thought he can’t make it and how everyone cheered when he came back alive.

Frankly, if what in the movie were to happen one day, I would be so fearful of death…………..because it will be so sudden, the one you love may not be with you……….beside you………..

Sometimes I always wonder, are these movies actually clues and hints for us? To tell us something, to be prepare?

We have aliens movies. War of the worlds. Mars Attack. Independence Day. ET. etc etc

Could they be movies trying to ‘tell us’ that aliens really do exist. Just maybe not as what are shown on the movies, but something similar. So as to prepare us to ‘handle’ the truth someday, one day? So that when the day comes, when we come face to face with an alien, it might not be such a big shock to us after all.

In certain movies, the plots are even playing either the governments are already in contact with the aliens, or the aliens are already living among us in human form. And often UFOlogists believes there are some kind of conspiracy going on. Could all these be hints and clues for us? Could they be something that is indeed happening and yet revealing to us as some kind of ‘fiction’ as the time is not ripe yet.

We have so many movies on end of the world. In the 2012 movie itself, the government already knew the end of the world is coming, yet they ‘hide’ the truth from the people. So ‘what if’ the movie was real? That we are indeed ‘hidden’ from many truths? And that day comes as a shock as similar to what the actors are facing in the movie?

Even the Bibles and many sources always mention about end of the world. Fiction? Legend? Or the Hidden Truth?

Did we just chose not to believe and brush everything off as ‘Fiction’, ‘Legend’, story, movie etc? Cause we chose not to believe in the harsh truth and reality? Or simply because anything not being able to explain by Science are just scams and frauds?

Ghosts. People who experience it believes. Critics, scientists and psychologists brush them off as hallucinations, depressions. Which is the truth?

Who knows the Truth?

Think about it.

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