An answer from the Hotel GM

Today, we shoot back a complaint email back to them regarding the bank charge. Saying that should not be the way, we should not be the one paying for the charges.

Few hours later, the finance staff emailed back and apologise. He said it was an overlook on their side and offered to transfer the balance back to us on Monday.

And immediately I replied to him, that we do not want to bother them to pay us back the balance anyway. We just want to highlight to them what should be the correct way of handling it. And we also don’t want to like make them pay for bank charges again just to pay us back that $40.

Few hours later again, the GM actually called us personally from Surabaya. He said he wanted to call us personally instead of replying email to show his sincerity and apologies. He also apologise for mishandling the matter and want to pay us back the balance. But I insisted he don’t go to the trouble.

He also said he treated us like a personal friend now and the next time we go Surabaya to inform him.

This gesture somehow pacified the anger in me.

At least I believe they will all know by now that I am one who will complain about everything, every little thing.

Maybe that’s Singaporeans bah! Everything also complain hehe!

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