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    Bomoh in World Cup ?

    By Ms Chor Lor | Thursday, June 24, 2010 | 10:29 pm | 702 views

    Was reading the papers the other day when I come across this news on the World Cup in South Africa. It then mentioned about some bomoh stuffs that seem to be ‘happening’ around the world cup.

    It was reported that bomoh practice is something legal in Africa. It is a profession and that many people are specialise in bomohs. There were even some well known powerful bomohs there.

    It was saying that one team who plays in the World Cup, always have a bomoh master following them to their match. It seems he is there to help them win the game.

    Then there was this don’t know which team which cast a bomoh on other teams it play with. For this bomoh, they use a pigeon. Everytime this team plays, there will be a pigeon resting on the goal net of the team. It is believe this spell will prevent the rival to score any goal into the net.

    Then there was this don’t know what team, bomoh on the Japan team, until the Japan team keeps unable to score any goal. Then don’t know how, the supporters from Japan folded one thousand paper cranes and prayed on them. They then sent it over to Africa for the Japan team, and the Japan team finally score.

    This is the first time I heard about bomohs being practice in World Cup to win the game. Sound so spooky………but wonder how true is this.

    Anyway I also heard stories before of how some transgenders make use of bomohs to gain customers at Changi too. Stay tune for Transgender story to find out more.

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