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    Is cheap necessary low quality ?

    By Ms Chor Lor | Tuesday, August 3, 2010 | 12:31 am | 671 views

    People always like to say, whatever you pay, whatever quality you get. But does cheap necessary means lower quality?

    Or it all depends on the person using it, how he take care of it, how he use it etc.

    For myself, there is only one thing that I buy most in my life.

    Ladies Sandals!!

    I always buy them at Bugis shophouses or in Toa Payoh central or anywhere that I see is cheap and nice. And they are always below $10 or not more than $15.

    Maybe my feet is big bah, I’m a size 8. That’s why they always break so fast? My one pair of sandals will the most last me a few months, as  short as one month, as long as 3 months.

    Can’t even remembered how many sandals I have already worn in my life.

    Some were saying they break fast because they are cheap, of lower quality. Some said they break fast because I wear sandals to ride my bike, while people are mostly wearing covered shoes. While I myself somehow feels, big feet is probably also a factor bah……………

    I just broke my latest pair today, which I bought probably just within last 1 months or less……………….hehe

    Anyway it was again less than $10. Maybe I should start a photo collection of the sandals that I break from today onwards and keep them as memories, and many years down, can flip back and see how many sandals I have break.

    Ok, will do something like that!

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