My Skin – 25 Feb

I think they are slowly getting better.

Those on the thighs have swell off, waiting for the scars to fade off.

Those on the whole back also swell off, but whole back still full of black ugly scars.

Those on the face has also swell off and dry up, now my face looks like a burnt victim with scar.

The only worrying part now is the legs. They have not swell off. Still lumps of dots which looks like moulds and fungus growing on my legs. But at least they were not red and fresh. More of a dry stage.

Overall if I give the condition upon 100, I would say it,s now 50% well.

Had been avoiding all the taboo foods lately, seafood, shells, chicken, duck, heaty food, fried food chili food etc.

I can only eat pork stuff, fish, veges, fruits and soupy noodles. But lucky I am one who eats little, only dinner, so still ok. Mainly eating water melons everyday, and I’m so in love with water melons now.

Still can’t figure out what is the real cause of the outbreak.

With so many possibilities……..


love problem

too much heaty food

too much toxic in body

apply too much heaty powder before the outbreak, suspecting the powder biting into the skin

shingles, the virus cause by pass chicken pox outbreak, I had chicken pox about 4 or 5 years ago only. And the outbreak was like not totally full outbreak, it got well very soon in just one week, which chicken pox usually takes like 2 weeks or more. So maybe it was not complete, so there is the virus inside. But then this outbreak has got no symptoms of water bubbles leh, which is suppose to have if it’s shingles. So I think shingles is unlikely.

rashes due to some food, or chemicals

fur from my pet dog, come to think of it, my first dog, Galgal was in 2001. I think before 2001, my legs was ok, no scars and all that. I can’t remember when the scars on my legs started to have. But since then it was like that all the way till now, and since 2001 till now, I have a dog. Could it be I am really allergic to the fur? Even if so, I won’t give up my Sasa just because of it. I will rather live with it then to give her up, she is so cute and I love her a lot. Probably wait till the day she dies old, then see if my legs get well……………..hopefully.

or because of that one night before the outbreak, when I was soaked and wet in the rain for 2 hours, and soaked wet with mud and dirt.

or eczema which I don’t know what’s the cause

just don’t know what is the source man……….

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