Dreams last night……..

Had a few weird and nice dreams last night…….

In one of the dream, I was driving a very very old lorry out of an army camp. I’m surprised I’m driving a lorry haha, which of course I don’t know how to drive in real life actually. But I was slow and clumsy driving inside. And so I was driving towards the gate when one of the army boy guard rush over to stop me. It was like they don’t really get to see a woman in the army at all, so he was like so excited all over me, after which he gave him a quick kiss on my cheeks, which of course I was shocked. And I remember I told him ain’t he scared of his officers punishing him, giving me a kiss like that? Of course everything sounds ridiculous, but hey it’s a dream. But I do like this though, so romantic.

Next thing I knew, we were both naked having sex. Then saw one of his officers coming, we had to rush and hide and quickly get dress up avoid being discovered and punished…………

Then there was another dream, don’t know why like after some event or sort, many people were rushing to queue for the toilet, guys and gals, all super long queue. And yet the ladies toilet was spoilt and we had no where to go……

In another dream, I had a les friend and her girlfriend with me, we were hanging out together. The scary part is they were sitting at the edge of a flat, you know, like when there’s no barricade blocking, you can just fell off the edge, they were sitting by the edge enjoying the scenery, and I was sitting further behind them, fearing of the height and falling over. But this is a very very beautiful dream!

Because what we see below, are everything drawn in cartoons! The buildings, the city, it was like seeing a piece of cartoon drawing. Then they had these beautiful colorful neon glowing lights everywhere, which shines so beautifully under the night sky. It was a very very beautiful view. Then next thing I knew is another group of friends asked us to go for supper, but my friend fell asleep, and when I woke her up it was morning already and when we wanted to join the rest for breakfast, they were in Johore having breakfast…………….

This last dream also very romantic for me. I was walking pass somewhere talking on the phone mushy washy with “my lover”. Don’t know who is that, no such person in my real life either, but in the dream, he was damn sweet and sweet chatting with me on the phone. I walked pass a gay couple looking at a huge black animal, which I realise was a panther, and I knew nobody is allowed to keep a panther, they are illegal. As I walked along, suddenly a huge animal sprung on me and trapped me that I can’t move. Then the gay couple came over and asked am I calling the police? I said no no, I’m talking to my boyfriend. Weird thing is when I look at the huge animal that is weighing on me, it was not the black panther that I saw earlier, but rather a huge huge dog. The gay took my phone over and check if I was talking to my boyfriend, then they release me. But they were nice couple though, they never really wanted to harm me, in fact they were having a nice happy smiling face in the dream. I felt more sweetness than fear in this dream.

Next thing is I carry on with my walk talking on the phone with my BF. He somehow lost connection and got cut off. Then he called back, but it was a woman voice I heard, thought it was his sister or what, then realise he was imitating a woman voice and disturbing me.

Next thing I realise is I looked at my phone and it was 7.45am already…………I’M LATE FOR WORK! I’m suppose to wake up by 7.30am !

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