Serious Insomnia………

Just can’t have a good sleep every night.

Will be tossing around on bed, and scratching all over, very very itchy skin, every single night for at least 2 hours or 3 hours before falling asleep unknowingly……….

Mots of the time falling asleep like 2am or 3am. Yesterday worse still, totally did not sleep at all. Was just lying on bed again tossing and scratching until 7am and get ready for work.

It’s so frustrating until just feels it’s better off dead.

Can’t exactly pin point out the reason why………….how I wish I know why……..

Possible causes are …………….

dust – the expressway is just behind my opposite block. There’s so much dust flying all over, even though I clean the house once a week, I see dust accumulating on the surface the next day and the whole floor. It’s scary. And by not opening any window is not a solution as well…………

insects, mosquitoes, bugs – just below my block is a long garden and park with many tress and plants. Have seen many small bugs and moths flying into the house before. Sometime even weird weird funny looking bugs. Got a shock that day when I was cleaning the toilet and found an adult dead cockroach! My most feared! Please don’t have cockroaches in my house!

bed – wonder if the mattress is too hard for me to sleep, cause I actually felt comfortable on softer beds, like those in nice hotels when I go holiday. I sleep on the hard floor when staying with mum too, and also had sleeping problem. Maybe I need something softer to sleep on……….

And finally of course due to my irritating skin condition………..

When will I ever have some soundly nights of sleep again!

How I really wish I can sleep soundly like a pig at night!

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