The Ugly Truth……..

Was flipping through friend’s photos the other day, when I came across an older friend’s profile.

Think he is 40 or 50 plus now…..to many people, including myself, his looks does not attract at all for his present looks.

But yet when I browse through his photos, I was quite shocked and impressed that he was actually very handsome when he was young.

And the sweetest part I envy him most was, he actually had a BF whom they probably been together for 10 over or even 20 over years! That’s so long and loving! Which not many gays can do that!

He had many photos of themselves together from their younger days and yes they were both so handsome in their younger days.

That also reminds me of another old sista. Her looks were not any to attract, and nobody will bother to take a second look at her. But once when she showed us her young days photos, we were shocked and wordless. It was like heaven and earth, two different person!

She was such a beauty with such a sexy figure that every woman would die for, she even won in many beauty contest during those days! From then on, we starts to respect her in a different way.

So sometimes, when we see an ugly person, someone who is not attractive at all, we tend to discriminate them whether sub or non subconciously. But yet, nobody knows, that behind that face that nobody bothers to take a second look now, is actually a face that makes many people go crazy about decades ago.

People tend to forget that looks do not last forever. Someone who is pretty now, may just turns ugly in future. But if we look at someone who is ugly now, give a second thought, that this person maybe someone you would die for, 30 years ago……..

Just like myself, people never take a second look at me now, but in my younger days, I really looked so much better……… I had quite a number of chasers then…..

So the next time you think someone who is too ugly to be your BF or GF, try to look in deeper into the heart instead…

But that is always easier said than done I know, because our eyes always gives us the first impression.

Oh ya by the way, do you know there’s a movie call The Ugly Truth? It’s about the male and female lead always bickering and debating on the topic of men and women. And eventually both fell in love. Lots of crude jokes in the movie and a funny show. You should watch itl.

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